What does your brand say about your company? What does it say about you? As you reflect on the successes of 2018 and gear up for a healthy 2019, you may find yourself asking these questions. While brand definition and purpose is paramount, begin thinking about how to position your brand in the new year. Today we’re discussing a few strategic positioning tips to help organize your brand positioning strategy and to ensure your company brand is always positioned in the best light.

Embrace Your Current Position

Take a look at your brand’s current position as it relates to three key areas. What position does your brand hold within your specific industry? Where does your company stand in contrast to your competition? How is your brand viewed in your community? If you’re confident you are a leader in your industry, a fierce competitor and community contributor, be proud! However, if upon your review, you feel your brand is lost in a crowded industry space, continually coming in second or third when up against competitors and unknown in your community, you have some work to do. Don’t hesitate to be honest with your current position in these areas. It will help you focus a specific strategy for your brand promotion moving forward. Once you embrace your brand position, you can facilitate the changes you need to build the image you want.

Leader, Influencer, Disruptor or Challenger?

If your brand and company are in the number one space in your industry, you’re a leader and will need to build a brand strategy that defends your current position. If your brand is one of influence, you will want to focus your brand strategy toward new ideas that enhance your role as an influencer in your industry. If your product or service disrupts industry norms, your brand strategy should reflect your company’s ability to improve your space. If you find yourself in a number two spot, dominating most of your industry, but always chasing those one or two competitors, develop a brand strategy that challenges the weaknesses of those competitors.

Align with the Best

Take a look at the business partners and associations with which your brand is aligned. Are you a member of the best networking groups or industry organizations? Do you hold critical certifications or awards within your space? Remember your mom always told you to beware of your crowd. If you have vendors or associations with controversial ideas, individuals or companies, you may be diluting your brand clarity and contradicting your intended strategy. Identify the best affiliations that build on your current brand position and strategy. Find the social media influencers that are consistent with your purpose. Promote content that feels the same way your brand feels. Look for partnerships that align with and support your brand’s voice.

Consistency is Key

Remember, no matter what direction you plan to take your brand this new year, the strategy, message, and voice must all be consistent. Devise a playbook for your staff and marketing teams to use as they design, interact and engage with your audience. Any time your brand presents an inconsistent color, tone, message or idea, it is diluted and risks confusing your audience and losing momentum. Instead, build a company culture with everyone in your organization that promotes the importance of consistency in the brand. Every piece of mail, every email signature, every phone call, every sign, every piece of sales collateral or promotional material should all communicate the same vision.

Your marketing strategy for 2019 should include a specific focus and strategic positioning on your brand awareness efforts. Find your position, devise your plan and goals, check your affiliations and get everyone on board with the vision for the new year. As always, contact us to help you preserve your brand image!