Brand awareness plays a critical role in your business success. You have an awesome product or service. Yet, no one will buy from you if they don’t know who you are. Your brand is multi-faceted. It is your mission, product, service, logo, colors and so much more. But, getting your brand in front of your ideal customer requires a strategy. So, how does an up and coming company grow their brand?

What is brand awareness?

Brand awareness is the extent that the public is aware of your business. It accounts for your products, service, values, and reputation. Developing strong brand awareness is important for all businesses. They need to show how they excel in the competition. A strong brand is a valued asset. It allows you to gain loyal market share. It protects you from the effects of other competitors trying to outdo you.

Develop business partnerships:

You can increase your brand awareness by strategically partnering with other business. This must be a mutually beneficial relationship for you both. When done well the benefits are outstanding. Uniqlo is an excellent example of a business partnership done right. They are a clothing company from Japan, and they wanted to expand their brand awareness. So, they partnered up with the New York Museum of Modern Art. Uniqlo sponsored free admission once a week for a few hours. They got their brand in front of a new set of prospects. The first impression prospects had of the company was positive. The museum benefited too. The sponsored admission got many new people through the door who fit the museum’s target market.

Work with your customers to develop your brand:

There’s nothing like the power of a referral for business owners. Most people trust their friend’s opinion. So, when a friend refers you to a business you are more likely to trust it. An incentive strategy for customers to refer a friend can reap big rewards.

Dropbox did this with their brand. They offered current customers free storage space in return for a referral. This increased their customer base by 60%.


Influencers are established in the public eye. They have a large group of people that trust them and their opinions. Sports stars are excellent influencers. ‘If they are using or wearing a specific brand it must be good.’ Many emulate sports icons. They are the definition of ‘cool’ to their fans. So, if they are using your product your brand must be cool too. The influencers you partner with will shape your client’s perception of your business. Evaluate your target market. What are their likes and dislikes? Which social media platforms are they most active on? Who do they follow? This will help you choose an influencer that will resonate with your ideal customer.

Get social:

All businesses can benefit from social media. This does not mean you have to cut all your print ads. However, social media promotion has had tremendous results for several businesses.

  • Azazie’s dresses used Instagram to create effective brand awareness. Their beautiful photography allows brides to imagine themselves in an Azazie dress. The social community and testimonials developed their brand and reputation. Clients would post pictures of their wedding day on Azazie’s Instagram page. They would also write testimonials about their experience.
  • Gallant Dill created his multi-million-dollar company through his Facebook Group. He teaches budding entrepreneurs how to build their businesses. He is only 26 and he achieved this goal by strategically harnessing the power of social media.
  • Wendy’s has done a fine job at developing their brand awareness through Twitter. They are responsive to their Twitter audience. They also use humor to give them an edge against their competition.

Social media allows you to keep up-to-date tabs on your business reputation too. If a customer is slandering your business, you can deal with it before it turns into a public relations nightmare. If a snag happens on your end, you can quickly address and fix the situation via social media. This will protect your reputation and brand.

Developing brand awareness is essential for your success. With a little creativity, it can be done well. You can set your self apart from the competition with a stellar strategy to get your name in front of customers. Whether you are a new or established business brand awareness is important. A company’s brand is one of the most valuable assets.