You know it’s essential to protect your company brand and promote your company’s efforts within your respective markets. You implement various strategies to ensure your company culture is preserved and your brand is enhanced. What you may not realize are the comprehensive benefits of having coordinated company apparel to help you do just that. Today we’re talking about five specific events in which your brand can be amplified, simply by sporting corporate branded apparel.

Trade Show Events

You’ve invested in booth participation or sponsorship for an upcoming industry trade show event. Go the extra mile by having each member of your trade show staff wear company-branded shirts. Stand out in a crowd with your company colors or maybe even a unique message featured on your shirts. Commemorate the annual event by highlighting industry-specific themes or language on your shirts. Promote your staff as a unified team and increase your brand exposure as your teams work the trade show floor, alerting fellow trade show attendees to your company’s presence.

Charitable Events

If your company routinely participates in community volunteering or charitable events, consider having your employees wear company-branded shirts or hats. Get more mileage out of your supporting press releases, pictures online or exposure with local media by showcasing your teams in branded colors. Maybe create themed apparel by color or message. For example, if you’re volunteering for an event designed to bring awareness to breast cancer research, consider having your teams in pink shirts.

Company Sponsored Outings

Promote company culture and inspire loyalty by offering corporate apparel as giveaways or wearables for your corporate sponsored event. Consider offering hats with your company logo or branded tee shirts as door prizes. Brand your shirts with the name of your company event and create a tradition of a unique company photo. Maybe offer upgrades from tee shirts to polos or jackets for those members of your teams who have achieved company anniversary milestones or project goals.

Social Marketing Events

If your sales teams are playing in a golf scramble or participating in networking social hour, make sure they’re wearing company branded apparel. Consider comfortable, breathable materials designed for outdoor activities. Company branded tee shirts are great for parades, running events or community outreach endeavors. Make sure your teams stand apart from other participating vendors by featuring unique colors or event specific messaging. Promote your participation with staff pictures across your social media platforms or internal newsletters.

Recruiting Events

If your company frequently hosts or attends recruiting events, make sure your teams are sporting corporate branded apparel. Foster an environment of teamwork and unity as you recruit new members to your staff. As top-notch candidates move around a recruitment event, they will be attracted to those companies that look sharp, appear friendly and are eager to promote their opportunities. Be the employer the best applicants want to speak with by demonstrating the team environment in a fun and outgoing way.

No matter what your event may be, participating without adequately branding your efforts can be costing you valuable marketing reach. Consider investing in creative corporate apparel to help your teams make the most of their participation, generate additional brand promotion and help preserve your culture. By implementing corporate apparel as part of your marketing and branding efforts, you essentially build momentum with every event in which you participate. You’ll create an identity for your brand that demonstrates how engaged you are in each of your sponsored events. For more ideas on how to implement the right corporate apparel for your team, or to decide which apparel item best compliments your event, contact us!