With the rise of the mobile workforce, professionals today are more likely to conduct business on smartphones while out of the office working with clients. And they are more likely to take their devices with them to work from home. In fact, mobile devices have become such an important part of modern business that many employers have started providing laptops and cell phones to employees for work use. And while you’re trusting employees to keep track of their company-provided equipment, it doesn’t always come back.

Whether your employees are adopting their devices like take-home pets or losing them along the way, companies are trying everything to make sure company devices make it back to the office. There are tracking apps, check-out logs, and all sorts of high-tech solutions. But sometimes, the fix is as simple as a company logo.

The simple act of branding office supplies, the equipment, and devices assigned to employees can make a huge difference in whether it comes back and how likely employees are to remember that the device isn’t *actually* theirs to keep. Let’s take a closer look.

Countering The Take-Home Factor

The biggest risk to a company providing work devices is the take-home factor. Because we’re such a mobile society now, most employees will quickly start to feel like their assigned device really is theirs. Their phone, their laptop. They choose a custom desktop background, personalize the settings, and the device seems to become theirs. This makes it pretty hard to give up if the company asks the device back. And sometimes employees honestly forget the device isn’t theirs when it’s time to move on to a new job and turn in all company equipment.

This is the take-home factor. But simply by putting an attractive company logo on a device, you can subtly nudge an employee’s subconscious not to get too attached. It’s the company’s laptop, the company’s smartphone, and it’s also a pretty good reminder not to do personal life stuff on these devices they wouldn’t want their boss to see.

Building Your Company Culture

Interestingly, branding your company devices is also a great way to build up company culture. When your team believes in the brand and the mission statement, seeing the logo as part of their daily life is uplifting. It’s a reminder that what everyone is working on together is worthwhile. And with a strong team spirit, you can also use that momentum to create a more sharing-oriented attitude about devices.

A device with no logo that has been given to an employee becomes ‘their’ device. But just like the office printer, a device bearing the company logo is also more likely to be shared with a team member or slid around for a team to work on in turns without anyone feeling territorial. Company-branded devices can also become team-shared devices because they belong to the company, and thus the team as a whole rather than one person.

Passive Spreading Brand Awareness

Finally, you even gain a passive marketing benefit of having your brand logo visible when employees are working out of the office. Meeting with clients, remote work from a cozy coffee shop, or employees on business trips are all stylishly sporting the company logo without being asked to wear branded clothing. With your logo on laptop lids and phone covers, it will be floating out there in the world connected to savvy working professionals and subtly building a positive brand awareness with anyone who crosses paths with an employee.

Branding Office Supplies

As you can see, putting your logo on company devices and equipment is a little different from marking every rubber band and paper clip. While logo-bearing rubber bands might be fun for an office cubicle-war, branded devices have a multitude of subtle and supportive benefits. From getting your company devices back to building team morale, making your mark in laptops, cell phones, and equipment is a great idea for any company that provides devices to employees that get taken home.

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