[Continued from Part 1]

Consider putting a branded band on a wide-brimmed straw hat (also practical in some industries), or branding each tentacle of a colorful jester hat. Hats that look like squids are wildly popular these days and hats that look like food have always been a laugh riot in some circles.

If your booth offers silly hats, no one will be able to stop talking about it and everyone will want to at least try one on. Even better, while these hats may not be worn to work next week, they will probably become valuable gifts for children and friends when attendees return home. And then your brand will be the brand that made their children smile. A brand that becomes part of delightful play at home.

Industry Tools

The next interesting way to make sure your swag is never forgotten or thrown away is to make it abundantly useful to professionals in your specific industry. Not just things that are universally useful like a spare battery or data storage, but something that professionals in your industry always need (and often forget).

You might be offering a perfectly sized set of screwdrivers, a metric-to-standard wallet card, or keychain temperature-humidity sensors. You know your industry better than we do, so put that knowledge to use by thinking of a few key gadgets or kits that professionals in your field won’t be able to toss because they are just too useful to have in the truck, in their desk, or stashed away for work at home.

Class It Up

Want your convention swag to make attendees want to flash your branded items around? Consider investing a little more for truly classy items that will make your industry professionals feel like real high rollers. An engraved money clip, for instance, or a beautiful leather wallet with a chain and all the right pockets for professionals in your industry. Naturally, these items are more practical for booth sales but attendees who see them won’t be able to resist classing up their current equipment set with something sleek and professional.

Leather and metal are your best materials, but anything well-designed and sleek can serve to entice attendees to your booth and ensure they never treat your booth swag as disposable. Wrap-around shades, a classy business card holder, or even a very well-made toolbelt can ensure your branded items stay with them for years.

Business Cards

Speaking of business cards, never forget the value of a simple, inviting stack of cards on your table. Especially if you arrange them in an elegant box that is easy for convention attendees to pick up one (or more) as they pass by. Business cards cost very little to print but can make a huge difference when it comes to forging lasting business contacts at a convention.

Even for attendees who are there on scholarships or spent all their budget just to attend, you can hand a business card to everyone who passes by your booth. You can also, quite cleverly, tuck a business card into each piece of swag you sell, ensuring that your contact information and a friendly invitation to reach out always exchanges hands no matter how rushed or distracted your meeting is with each person.

Don’t be just another source of clicky pens at your next industry convention. Use your creativity, innovation, and deep knowledge of your own industry to put together booth swag other attendees will never forget. From surprisingly useful gadgets to fun gifts for the kids at home, when your brand is on an item that is impossible to throw away or forget in the hotel room, you can bet attendees will not only remember your company, they will speak highly of you to their colleagues and eagerly look for your booth next year.